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Yves De Koninck wins 2014 Barbara Turnbull awards for spinal cord research

Yves De Koninck has been awarded the 2014 Barbara Turnbull awards for spinal cord research.  This prize is supported through a partnership between the Barbara Turnbull Foundation for Spinal Cord Research, Brain Canada, and the CIHR Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction.  It is the top prize in spinal cord injury research awarded in Canada each year.

Dr. De Koninck studies the persistent changes in spinal cord function that occur after nervous system injury that lead to chronic pain.  Understanding the long term alterations that occur in the spinal cord after injury will allow Dr. De Koninck and his team to find new treatment and prevention avenues for many chronic pain syndromes, such as  postherpetic neuralgia, causalgia following damage to a major nerve, diabetic neuropathy, allodynia, hyperalgesia, and spontaneous or phantom limb pain.

Read the press release by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research