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Yves De Koninck named Researcher of the month by Canadians for Health Research

Yves de Koninck was named researcher of the month of July by Canadians for Health Research.  Here is an excerpt from his profile on the CHR website:

A Pioneer in Understanding Pain

Dr. De Koninck’s scientific discoveries in the field of pain research are world-renowned and have spurred the development of newtreatmentsfor pain management. He has not only made key contributions to ourfundamental understanding of the neurochemistry of pain transmission, but to how pain transmission is specifically altered in chronic pain syndromes. By honing in on the chemical mechanisms associated with the transmission of painin the spinal cord, Dr. De Koninck has not only transformed our understanding of what is going wrong in the nervous system when chronic-pain syndromes occur, but also our understanding of what makes a normal pain signal become intolerable (hyperalgesia) and why a normally non-painful signal can sometimes trigger highly debilitating abnormal pain (allodynia).

Read his full profile on the Canadians for Health Research website.