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Educational videos

Beyond the Diffraction Barrier

A video made by Biomedical Communications Student Andrew Q Tran, in collaboration with Yves and Paul De Koninck and members of their laboratories.

Beyond the Diffraction Barrier from Andrew Q Tran on Vimeo.

Recording the Illuminated Neuron

A video made by Biomedical Communications Student Stuart Jantzen, in collaboration with Yves De Koninck and members of his laboratory.

Recording the Illuminated Neuron from Biomedical Communications on Vimeo.


A micro-optrode simulator has also been developed during this collaboration. Click on the image below to access.

Micro-optrode simulator

Visit this website to learn more about this project and others by Stuart Jantzen.

Funding for this project was provided by CIHR (Health Research Communications Award), CIHR, NeuroPhysics: Setting New Frontiers in Neuroscience with Material Sciences, Photonics and Computational Sciences, and NSERC CREATE (Training Program in Biophotonics).

Gentle Pain - Excitatory inhibition and tactile allodynia

© Michael Corrin , M.Sc.BMC 2006 Co-Supervisors: Linda Wilson-Pauwels, University of Toronto and Yves De Koninck, Université Laval