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A multimodal micro-optrode - blog post on

Read A multimodal micro-optrode - a blog post in openoptogenetics about the multimodal micro-optrodes developed by Yoann Lechasseur, Suzie Dufour and the rest of the YDK lab team and collaborators:

The post discusses two papers

  • A microprobe for parallel optical and electrical recordings from single neurons in vivo Nature Methods 8, 319–325 (2011) doi:10.1038/nmeth.1572
    by Yoan LeChasseur, Suzie Dufour, Guillaume Lavertu, Cyril Bories, Martin Deschênes, Réal Vallée & Yves De Koninck
  • A Multimodal Micro-Optrode Combining Field and Single Unit Recording, Multispectral Detection and Photolabeling Capabilities PLOS one
    by Suzie Dufour, Guillaume Lavertu, Sophie Dufour-Beauséjour, Alexandre Juneau-Fecteau, Nicole Calakos, Martin Deschênes, Réal Vallée, Yves De Koninck