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Marc Bergeron and Martin Gagnon receive Marlene Reimer Brain Star of the Year award at CAN2014

Marc Bergeron received the Marlene Reimer Brain Star of the year award at the 8th Annual Canadian Association for Neuroscience meeting. This award is given to the highest ranking Brain Star Award of the year. Brain Star awards are given by the Institutes of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction of the CIHR and are designed to recognize the excellence of research done in Canada by students and trainees in all fields and disciplines covered by the Institute.

Marc Bergeron shares this prize with Martin Gagnon, co-first author of the prized article in Nature Medicine (Gagnon, Bergeron, et al.). Marc is pictured here with Yves De Koninck, under whose supervision this work was done, and Sam David, President of the Canadian Association for Neuroscience.

Yves De Koninck, Marc Bergeron and Sam David