Affiliated with Université Laval & CERVO Research Centre


Research Assistant

I am a Spanish Biologist who came to this laboratory attracted by sensory processing. After two years of specialty on Neuroscience in my Bachelor, and 2 years of Master's in Neuroscience, I was sure about the three things I like the most: sensory processing, molecular mechanisms, and electrophysiology as the tool to study these mechanisms.  

With patch-clamp electrophysiology being my main expertise, I finished my PhD with Yves in 2021, in which I explored different pathways regulating KCC2 and chloride homeostasis.  I had the opportunity to work in multiple projects to study the interaction of different molecular pathways, as well as sex differences that emerge during chronic pain conditions. Moreover, I also combined optogenetics as well as pharmacology to study and modulate these pathways. 

Right now, I continue working part-time as a Research Professional, working on different projects involving neuronal characterization as well as drug development.

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