Affilié à l'Université Laval et au Centre de recherche CERVO

Cyril Bories

Années dans le labo YDK: 


Current position: 
Conseiller scientifique en recherche biomédicale Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec (MSSS)

Throughout my scientific career, I have initiated, conducted and monitored several research programs from their conception to their publication. This allows me to work independently, but I like being part of a team even more. My training in science, administration and personal passions have led me to develop my critical thinking skills in order to evaluate and facilitate the launch and development of multidisciplinary projects. I like to produce clear and easy to read analyses. I love to communicate and explain the most complex results and concepts to a wide audience of students or experts. I am also a lover of the arts, music and I enjoy having beautiful conversations on many other subjects outside science.

Publications récentes

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