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Dr. Sahara Khademullah receives $165,000 award for ALS research in YDKlab

Dr. Sahara Khademullah

The ALS Society of Canada (ALS Canada), together with Brain Canada, announced a new trainee award to Dr. Sahara Khademullah, post-doctoral research in the lab.  ALS Canada was also pleased to partner with La Fondation Vincent Bourque who will be providing financial support for Dr. Khademullah's award. This grant has been awarded with the aim of sustaining high-quality Canadian ALS research by providing salary support for the next generation of ALS researchers currently pursuing PhDs or postdoctoral research positions.

Can restoring motor neuron inhibition prevent or stop ALS progression? In partnership with La Fondation Vincent Bourque, $165,000 has been awarded to Dr. Sahara Khademullah, a postdoctoral fellow from Dr. Yves De Koninck'slab at Université Laval. This research builds on two projects previously funded by ALS Canada that explore whether targeting the activity of upper motor neurons in the brain could be a new and unexplored way to treat ALS. 

Read more in the press release by the ALS Society:

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Dr Sahara Khademullah